Celebrating 33 on Air !

La Tarumba is an amazing Peruvian circus theater which was founded in 1984. The idea is to combine theater, circus and music but at the same time educate and entertain.

As a reminder the origin of La Tarumba was to start from a children's game so that others are encouraged to dream.

In March, they celebrated their 33th birthday with open air performances in Lima (Chorrillos, Parque Central, Parque Reducto) called "AIRE LIBRE" ::: Espectáculo de calle.

It is a show from the graduation of the fifth promotion from the professional School of Circus La Tarumba.
The Circus School provides professional circus arts training in disciplines that are related such as theater, dance and music, in a proposal oriented to management and leadership.

Visit La Tarumba.com

Photos©Frédéric Loward

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