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He started out as a graphic designer, then became art director and then creative director for international advertising agencies in Belgium, the Czech Republic and Italy, developing ideas, campaigns and strategies
for clients large and small. His background gives his photos a graphic dimension, rich in colour and a certain rigour in composition.

He left for Madagascar as a volunteer for the World Food Programme (WFP), where he was asked to cover the famine in the southern region. It was during this period that he discovered photography as a self-taught photographer. It was his greatest human adventure.

A few years later, it was his experiences living this time in Madagascar and Haiti that gave him the desire,
indeed the need, to take communication photos to bear witness to and raise awareness of the living conditions
of the most disadvantaged. He became a photographer for various rural and social development projects
for NGOs and international humanitarian organizations.


As a humanitarian photographer, he strives to bring out the life in projects and people, combining his artistic talent with a deep empathy for people to create visibility and tell an authentic visual story.

His passion for photography led him to discover the work of Alex Webb and Harry Gruyaert, who became his masters and references in photography, showing us those magical and intriguing moments while revealing an incredible aesthetic sense capturing atmospheres, taming colours with plays of light and shadow that transform everyday life into a unique scene.

He was lucky enough to do a workshop with Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb in Mexico in 2019 on the theme "Finding your vision" after also doing a Magnum Intensive Documentary Photography Course in 2017 at the London College of Communication with the Magnum agency.

Frédéric Loward is looking for photographs that are intriguing, enigmatic and instinctive, but always linked to a human connection. He finds his style through intuitive, mysterious photos that suggest emotional atmospheres, giving free rein to his creativity.

He settled in Peru for a few years, where he worked with indigenous communities in the San Martin region and
in the Amazon on projects to improve maternal health and living conditions, and covered social events in neighboring countries such as Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador.

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